Jewel Manufacturing

Our master jewel makers work day & night to bring out the quality, accuracy & perfection in the jewellery. Every piece of diamond jewelry created by Navya is flawlessly crafted by highly skilled craftsmen. Our skilled designing team & talented craftsmen ensure that each piece of diamond jewelry is perfectly manufactured. We have given our step-by-step guide to explore the fascinating method of jewelry making that ends in the production of a beautiful jewelry.
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Jewelry Designing

In order to produce a unique piece, the very initial step is to create a design. This is the point from where the magic begins. An idea of the end product is communicated to a very talented designer who then makes a sketch of the design. This process of Blueprint Designing is carried out by proficient craftsmen using techniques & methods handed down over decades. Each piece of jewelry starts off with a concept. A concept is basically a rough design in the mind of the designer. The final design is the result of close cooperation between designer & craftsman giving the art object a real hand crafted origin. The designer’s concept & drawings are used by the model maker to create the original piece of jewelry.
For some designers, this is done with a detailed color painting, while others create a simple, basic sketch to use as a guideline. Many of today’s artisans will create a comprehensive, computer rendering through CAD jewelry design, & some simply work with a visual image in their mind. Regardless of the methods, the original design will continue to evolve throughout the entire creation process. Whether feasibility or esthetic, design alterations continue as the masterpiece evolves at the h& of the craftsman.


Once the master piece of jewelry is complete, it is used to make a high technology mold, which in turn is used to make wax reproductions of the jewelry. After the sketch is complete with all the fine details, it is passed on to the molding section. In the molding department the very experienced professional molders then turn the sketch into a master mold which sets the base for the total process there from. The master mold is a very complex level of crafting as the final outcome rests on the master mold.


Although we use the most sophisticated & technologically advanced equipment, the jewelry making process begins with the age-old casting process. Casting again is a very complex process. It requires utmost skilled & experienced casters for the desired final product. The wax replicas are placed in steel containers which are then filled with a chemical powder & the containers are heated in a chamber to 550°c which solidifies the powder & melts the wax leaving behind a perfect effect. Liquefied metal is then poured into the flasks & then it’s allowed to cool. Later it is demolished to reveal the jewelry mounting.

Diamond & Gem Stone Setting

After the mounting has passed from the polishing & finishing departments, it has to undergo the setting process. The required gem stones of the correct sizes & weight are chosen. They are cut & polished with extreme preciseness & assorted for the final setting. Once the suitable diamonds & gem stones are chosen, we set them on the cast. The features of the precious stone are expertly documented to guarantee that the jewel will have a flawless setting. At the point when the precious stone is set, every single bit of jewel will be shined & cleaned to accomplish a distinctive sheen & shimmer.


Each piece must be properly polished while the mount is being made. The entire mount is carefully cleaned & polished to the highest degree of smoothness. All tinctures of the polishing compounds & ‘rouge’ must be meticulously got rid of either by careful washing by hand or by use of supersonic cleaning baths.

Rhodium Plating

Considerable technical improvements have been made in plating, especially as used in the jewelry trade. Most plating is done by electro-deposition, rhodium, copper, chromium or other metals being practiced by passing an electric current through a solution & then channelizing the plating metal from the piece of pure metal to the object set aside in the solution. Rhodium plating adds sparkle & shimmer to the gems stones. Sincere attention must be paid to fabricating & polishing procedures because it is vitally significant.